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June 2009  Stainless High Anti-Corrosion Slides Were Notably Listed

The stainless steel high anti-corrosion slide series are made of the stainless steel and widely suitable for the products exposed to the high humidity conditions for a long time.


-Refrigerator, food storage cabinet
-Dish-washing machine, cleaning machine
-Industrial storage equipment, often used in the chemical and painting industries
-Touring car, multipurpose carrier loader, ocean vessel

-High anti-corrosion
As one product with the minimum side clearance among this series, SS2028 unit has a significant advantage in installation and can minimize the space.
-3/4 Travel
-Slide Space:.38 + .03/-.00 [9.5 mm + .76/-.00] 
  load capacity up to 100 lbs. [45 kg].
-Length: Even inches, 12"–28" [300 mm–700 mm]
-Braking at closing position

- SS0330
With the high carrying capacity, SS0330 product is the ideal choice for drawers and handle racks.

-Full travel
-Side Space:.75+.030/-.000 [19.1 mm+.76/-.00]
    load capacity up to 143 lbs. [65 kg]
-Length: even inches, e.g. 12"–24" [300 mm–600 mm] and 28"[700 mm]
-Braking at closing position

- SS5322
Such type of product is characterized by the overtravel, convenient for user to access to goods. Besides, this series adopts the rack mounting method and is disconnect
-Over travel
-Side Space:.81" [20.7 mm]
     load capacity up to 265 lbs. [120 kg]
-Length: 12"–24" [300 mm–600 mm], 28" [700 mm], and 31" [790 mm]

-Braking at closing position
-Rack mounting and disconnect

- SS5321
This series of product has the largest load capacity and the smaller side clearance as well as an overtravel.
-Side Space:.75+.030/-.000 [19.1 mm+.76/-.00]
    load capacity up to 352 lbs. [160 kg]
-Length: 12"–24" [300 mm–600 mm], 28"[700 mm], and 31" [790 mm]
-Braking at closing position
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