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June, 2009  Accuride Succeeded in Obtaining RoHS Certificate Overall

I am very happy to tell you that we (Accuride) have (has) succeeded in obtaining the RoHS certification overall. RoHS is called “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” for short, and the products complying with RoHS standard will be to limit the contents of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE and other natural carcinogens.
It is well known that the blue-white zinc and white electrophoresis products of Accuride have passed the RoHS certification, and now the black galvanization process has also successfully reached requirements of the RoHS certification. New electroplating process adopts the considerably less hazardous trivalent chromium instead of hexavalent chromium, and although the black galvanization process has reached the standards of performance and appearance, there are still some challenges for Accuride how to allow the product processing to be used for the economic production in the vast industry field. 
Since June 3, 2009, all black galvanized products will be subject to the treatment of the new trivalent chromium electroplating process which has the same features as the previous processing methods, such as corrosion resistance, adhesion, abrasion resistance and surface hardness. You'll also find that the surface subject to the new process is very similar to the original surface in the color depth, brightness, uniformity and surface smoothness and other appearance characteristics; besides, the new process has the additional advantage of quick coloration.
Accuride has always adhered to the following environmental protection principle:
-Conforming to or exceeding the local regulations for the environmental protection
-Effective use of raw materials
-Reduction of waste
Thank you for your support and love of Accuride, and Accuride will continue to improve the design and quality of our products and services.



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