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The Accuride solution for levitation controllerapplied in the maglev train

As a key subsidiary under CRRCCorporation Limited, CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referredto as CRRC ZELC) has the largest production capability of electric locomotivesand the research and manufacturing competence in mass transit equipment in linewith European standards.China’s first middle-and-low speed maglev train for commercial servicedesigned and produced by CRRC ZELC has been put into run in Changsha in May 2016.

The middle-and-low speed maglevtrain is one new-electromagnetic-type transportation vehicle, the operationsystem of which consists of no-contact magnetic bearing, manetic guide andlinear motor driving system. The levitation controller is used to stabilize thelevitation of maglev train under the low track rigidity. Every maglev train isequipped with 60 levitation controllers.

The levitation controller needs tobe disassembled and repaired periodically, each weighing 30kg, and the existingconnection is through floating bolt. The disassembly is hard, no singleoperation, not good for maintenance, with the work efficiency extremely low. Currently,the disassembly and installation of each controller needs around 20 minutes,and the total working hours for bolt disassembly of each maglev train is around20 hours.

In response to remodeling demandfrom CRRC ZELC, after multiple communication and verification, the engineeringteam of Accuride China has finally confirmed the spring disconnect slide solution.With the use of the system of Accuride‘s stainless steel slide SS3557 and attachedbrackets, it’s easier to spring disconnect of the slide, significantly reducingworking hours and improving client efficiency. Now, the installation and disassemblytime of each controller is around 3 minutes, and the time of 60 controllers forthe whole train is only around 3 hours.

At present, Accuride’s system of SS3557and attached brackets have passed the sample trial and audit, thus the newmaglev trains’ controller systems of CRRC ZELC will be equipped with the Accuride’sinnovation solution.

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