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Security Where You Need It Most In Your Care Facility

Long-Term Care Facilities in the U.S. house a growing number of memory-care patients. A lot of residents suffer from various forms of dementia with Alzheimer’s being the most common.

As the number of dementia patients continues to increase, so does the importance of keeping them safe and reducing the risk of accidental deaths. At any given time, a patient may succumb to accidentally ingesting toxic chemicals from a janitorial supply cabinet. Such an event would not only cause lots of heartache for their loved ones, but it could cost the facility millions in court.

Knowing that such an unfortunate event could happen, facility owners and managers are seeking more advanced locking solutions to increase patient safety and mitigate risks.

While other systems protect your doors and entryways, Senseon is there to help you secure cabinetry and casework.

Here’s how Senseon locks for assisted living facilities are contributing to keeping patients safe:

Medication Supply Rooms

As nurses and caregivers are busy tending to patients, they may accidentally forget to lock a cabinet. Senseon locks for assisted living facilities can help keep medicine cabinets secured at all times and safe from patients.

Medical Record Storage

HIPAA regulations require all healthcare facilities to store physical medical records where there is access control. Not only does Senseon allow you to control access to cabinets; you can do it without keys. Senseon being a keyless RFID lock simplifies access control to the tap of a card

Janitorial Supply Closet

Keeping hazardous items safe from patients in long-term care facilities is of utmost importance; especially in memory care units. With Senseon’s auto relock feature caregivers and facility staff just have to remember to close a cabinet and its relocked.

Medical Carts and Cabinets

Going back and forth to retrieve medication or equipment can be time-consuming for your nurses and caregivers. Having a mobile cart that keeps items secure streamlines your operations and allows your staff to focus on caring for patients. Senseon locking drawer slides with subversion protection are ideal for these applications.

Additionally, Senseon is a compliance enabler. Our team works can support you to help ensure your facility complies with Joint Commission, CMS, and other government enforced regulations.

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